Monday, August 9, 2010

Evirtual Services | Virtual Services

What are virtual services ?
Virtual services are compiled aggregation of seasoned,absolute activity professionals collectively work with clients to build strategic events based upon real targets and missions by our client stakeholders.
Evirtual services is a company which provide personal assistant and virtual assistant. Evirtual services is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction.
E virtual services have IT and office specialists who are best in their fields as part of evirtual services team approach.
There are many qualified virtual assistant and personal assistants, they ready to serve E virtual services clients.
Benefits of hiring evirtual services personal assistant and virtual assistant
Hiring evirtual services virtual and personal assistant will bring you many benefits:
    * You will be able to manage your time more efficiently, freeing you to concentrate on growing your business,and   achieving a healthy balance in your personal and professional life
     * You will have no office space to rent, no recruiting, hiring or training expenses
     * You will have no extra payroll overheads, such as t.a, sick pay, workers compensation or holiday pay,extra bonus.
     * You will have key to a e virtual service who is available outside in typical business hours
    Evirtual services personal assistants and virtual assistants are perfect for just a few hours work, either occasionally or on a regular basis,
    E virtual services virtual assistant and personal assistants work for you when you need us, no idle paid time.
    Evirtual services are committed to providing trustworthy, private, highly quality business services.
Evirtual services personal assistant perform the following tasks :
        * Draft and place advertisements at client direction
        * Receive and sort resumes based on client criteria
        * Conduct short phone interviews to screen applicants
        * Schedule interviews
        * Verify employment history and references
        * Send position-filled notifications to all  applicants                                                              
E virtual services offers wide range of services :
    * Virtual Assistant Services
    * Website Services
    * Call Canter Services
    * SEO Services
    * Translation Services


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