Monday, December 13, 2010

Web Assistant Services

A web assistant can provide not only administrative duties, but in addition web-based marketing, bookkeeping, writing, and any number of other tasks. The Web Assistants are the first line of support for business owners seeking advertising information and for readers seeking more information about the sites and services available from the team. In this paper we introduce the novel concept of web assistants, human assistants working in an virtual webshop. Web Assistants can handle anything from daily correspondence and e-mails, to setting up a Public relations Campaign for individuals, dealing with their article submissions and blog post submissions, to creating a client's site or blog. For small companies the concept of web assistants may be too expensive to realize. Beyond the obvious however, there are no payroll taxes, no workers’ comp, no temp-agency commission; web assistants tend to remain more cost effective, charging on hourly basis.

With E Virtual Service’s Web Assistants you get a partner interested in helping you and your business succeed. Here are some testimonials from a few of our web assistant clients:
"I am a bit scared of computer technology and web assistants make me feel much more confident. "
"Web assistants are useful when you do not have time to search for information and sometimes when the structure of a web shop is very complicated.”
“Whether it was the design of our anniversary logo, invitations and programs for our Benefit Dinner, or promotional materials for the school, Our Web Assistant has been able to capture the essence of the occasion and deliver a first-rate product.”
E Virtual Asssitant’s Web Assistants stores a list of links from a hub web page (such as a list of search results), so a user can quickly switch between the links on the hub page without having to constantly be retracing steps. Web Assistant stores the links associated with a page in a category.

We enable companies, institutions and entrepreneurs globally to outsource economically and securely work to our Web Assistants. In our earlier work a Web assistant system was introduced, which is a hybrid support system with human Web assistants and computer based support. We realized that the full extent of today’s technology was not being utilized and that by connecting consumers with web assistants via live chat, the visitors web experience would be vastly improved.


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